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Oliversam was born in Seville, Spain. he begun his music career since he was very little kid, he started understanding music playing the piano, the guitar and others instruments… Any instrument call the attention to him .

When he was 16 years old decided on electronic music and started recording his sessions, in a short time this sessions were well recognize along the whole city while he was improving all his skills and taking a unique style. all his creations are part of the cabins of the most important clubs in the city: Emporio, Dubay, Cosmos, The Club, Wave, Itaka, Garamon, Essus Sound, Bocale …

he shared DJ booth with Marcos Cruz, The Mae, J.Elvira, Fernandez, Carlos Jimenez, Olmo, Soultan, Miguel Picasso, Wady, Gsus, Raul Fernandez, Tony Island..

His songs have been supported by artists such as:

Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Marco Nastic, Franco Bianco, Chris Lake, Nima Gorji …

Due his sudden success, Oliversam keep developing and producing new tracks for:

Inexplikable Records

Alma Soul Music

Shibiza Records

Les Enfants

Bedroom Muzik

Kimbo Records

Sempai Music

Original Label

Freshart Music

Supermarket Records

Was in 2012 when he was recognized as a DJ productor in the DJ MAG megazine.

Oliversam always suprises us with new productions, his style is variable and large it is like this and we can not assign just one style.

In his productions, Oliversam doesn´t get carried away by fashions, recording and playing what he really feels from inside him

In 2013 Oliversam decides to take a big step and create his own record label, KIMBO RECORDS

A great musical adventure, with the only idea of sharing high quality music all around the world.