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Oliver Deutschmann

Berlin, Germany

House, Techno

addicted music, Aim, Aura.Karma.Records
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For the past few years Oliver Deutschmann is an integral part of the techno and house scene of Berlin via his label Vidab, studio productions, and djing. His huge passion for music was injected at a very early age. He spent most of his time recording music from radio stations on tapes, giving out all his pocket money for vinyl and doing compilation tapes for his friends.

His first contact with techno music was in the early 90s. Some friends took him to a club in Southern Germany called Oktan. He immediately felt the power of the beat that took him on a whole night dancing journey.

Oliver has always been impressed with the vibe of the techno community and its power, which freely places in the hands of the dj the responsibility of selections, enabling him to play with the wide borders of techno and house music. Small parties followed where he was increasing his skills and so he got discovered and was booked to more and bigger parties and clubs. The reputation grew and he was booked in clubs like the WMF, Globus, Tresor or the Maria. During those days Oliver also began to organize parties by himself at clubs such as the Goldengate Club Berlin.

Producing electronic music was the next natural step, and in the beginning of 2007 he co-founded the label Vidab Records, distributed by Kompakt, together with his partner Stephan Hill. Since than Vidab is releasing permanently and the number of people who share the musical vision of the label is growing constantly. As of January 2008 Oliver and his partner Stephan are also holding their Vidab label nights in Berlins Panorama Bar with a lot of more good things to come in the future, as well as releases on KOnsequenz with Koljah