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dj olive, “Heaps As” Live in Tasmania, the Agriculture

dj olive, Bodega, the Agriculture

dj olive, Coonymus ep, the Agriculture

dj olive, Triage, ROOM40

dj olive, Sleep, ROOM40

dj olive, Buoy, ROOM40

the audio janitor & luc ferrari, “d’exploitation des concepts” Phonomena Arts & Multiples

the audio janitor & j. p. dessy, Ixelles, Phonomena Arts & Multiples

the audio janitor, Perpetual Soundcheck, Phonomena Arts & Multiples

the audio janitor, composition 11 audio roulette, Home Entertainment

We™, Decentertainment, Home Entertainment,

We™, Square root of negative one, Asphodel

We™, “as is”, Asphodel

We™, Asphodelic, Asphodel

We™, Sonar99. La recopilacion, so dens

We™, crooklyn dub vol 1, Word sound

We™, Valis: assassination of syntax, subharmonic

We™, Mysteries of creation, Axiom

We™, Necropolis Mix, Knitting Factory Works

We™, the Antenna Tool and Die Session, Asphodel

We™, Home Entertainment Vol. 2, Liquid Sky Music

We™, Home Entertainment Vol. 3, Liquid Sky Music

We™, Rock& Roll, this is jungle sky vol. 5, Liquid Sky Music

We™, Land of the Baboon, Silent

We™, You Mix, Incursions in Illbience, Asphodel

Lunchbox, Anyways, the Agriculture

Lunchbox, Incite:20, XLR8R

Kim Gordon, Dj Olive, Ikue Mori, SYR 5

dj olive & jp dessy, Scories, Sub Rosa

BBQ Beets II, returturn of the yams, the Agriculture.com

Barbecue Beets, sunrise on a rooftop in Brooklyn, the agriculture

Liminal, Live at the Whitney Museum Series, Knitting Factory Works

Liminal, Nosferatu Soundtrack, Knitting Factory Works

Liminal, Pre Set, Knitting Factory Works

Uri Caine: Urlicht / Primal Light, Winter and Winter

Uri Caine: Urlicht / Primal Light, Live, Winter and Winter

Uri Caine: Goldberg variations, Winter and Winter

Uri Caine: Mozart, Winter and Winter

Keter, Zohar, Knitting Factory Works

Dave Douglas: Moonshine. Keystone. GreenleafMusic

Dave Douglas: Keystone Live in Sweden. Keystone. GreenleafMusic

Dave Douglas: Keystone. GreenleafMusic

Dave Douglas: Keystone Live at the Jazz Standard. GreenleafMusic

Elliot Sharp, State of the Union, Zoar

Funk: this is jungle sky vol.6. Liquid Sky Music

Welcome to Execrate, Leaf

Ben Neill, Triptycal, Antilles

William Hooker, Armageddon, Homestead Records

William Hooker, Mindfulness, Knitting Factory Works

William Hooker,Compexity #2, Kos recordings

Cloudwatch vol. 2. Sonic Soul

Gerard Malanga, Up from the Archives, Sub Rosa

BitStreams, Sound work exhibition at the Whitney Museum, JDK

A Mutated Christmas, Illegal Art

Copier.Coller, Quatermass, La Batie, Sub Rosa

Medeski Martin & Wood, Uninvisable, Blue Note Records

The turntable sessions, vol 1,Amulet Records

Drop the Needle, illy B Eats remixes and breakbeats, Amulet Records

Melatonin, Room 40

Dj Olive meets I/O, Powerhouse Sessions, Room 40

Polyhedric Tetrapak, Ooze.bap records

NXS, Sleeper, Music Mine

Soundworks, Whitney Biennial 2002, Whitney

Blue Marble, Aiko Shimada, Tzadik

EMIT, One, Electronic music information technology

City Sonics, Transcultures

Christian Marclay, dj Trio, Asphodel

Liquid Architecture #6, Liquid Architecture Festival Melbourne

Matt Haimovitz, Goulash, Oxingale records

Matt Haimovitz Tod Machover, The Vinyl Cello, Oxingale records

Remix’s include work for:

vida blue

Bill Laswell


celluid mata


telekenetic soulmate

48 cameras

Choro Club





the McDades

Remixed by WE™:

Free Kitten

Medeski Martin and Wood


Arto Lindsay

Soul Slinger

the Dylan group