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Oli Smiles

London, United Kingdom



MR SMILES has been playing for over 8 years down south at low grade university gigs until he moved to the sunnier climbs of Clapham in London, England. He started at Loaffers where he was given the name “oli smiles and the loafferettes” later shortened to flyer-proof “oli smiles”. That gig continued until he caused the bar to close down due to restoration requirements. From then it only got worse, oblivion in Clapham south got hold of him and are currently closing down for three weeks for a refit due to “excessive wear”. Other gigs include many a storming night in the beautifully decorated artesian well with Mr Hayden-baker where a few thousand pounds worth of damage was caused and with the infamous late for work crew at Inigo, who are losing their late license (joke!). Late night at Shelter produced Fever! Friday in the aquarium (bring your swimming cozies) dubbed ‘the best pool night this side of the Balearics’ – the only one he thinks- has been going off for a while now with plans for moving their night to Ibiza in the summer and appearances at space parties @ the cross, glitterati @ Pacha, soul heaven at legendary ministry, egg, Turnmills with subliminal and new club Canvas to name but a few keep the boy out of other trouble.

Recently his promotion Roast- including Sunday Roast, Roastgroove and Roast nights is taking London by Storm, both Roastgroove and Roast have been quoted in the top 5 club nights in London this year. Now living in Sydney Oli is expanding the Roast promotion on the other side of the globe.

Keep your eyes open but don’t let him into your bar!

Playing for: Roast, Pushca, Dusted, Space, Menage a Trois, EgoShego

At these venues: Telagraph, Jamm, Pacha, Cross, Egg, Inigo, Oblivion, Whitehouse