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OKAIN. Quartz rec, Tsuba

Biography, english

Samuel’s love affair with electronic music began at an early age, at 15 when he discovered his greatest passion behind the decks . His musical roots come from his black music background, from his clear devotion to soul, jazz and hip-hop. Genres that have formed in Okain an amalgamated style that always, as producer and dj, result in an exquisite groove. Samuel handcrafts long sets of sensual and active sounds, driving forward on a thrilling musical journey.

Okain is a producer who is continuously growing, releasing both solo material and as Handycraft, alongside Paul Ritch. He is a first-choice producer for many labels and has regularly contributed to releases for the likes of Tsuba, Quartz Rec, Bpitch Control and FourTwenty. His music has spanned the globe, from Spain to Japan and Peru to Canada, with Okain himself appearing in major clubs and parties like Fabric in London, Goa in Madrid, Rex Club in Paris, Space in Ibiza and Cocorico in Riccione to name just a few.

As part of his creative projection, he also owns and runs a “vinyl only” label named Lezar. This label never mentions the artist behind the track and it came about due to Okain´s aim to create a niche entirely dedicated to the development of musical ideas.