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O'halley Brothers

Beverly Hills, United States

House, Progressive House

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O’Halley Brothers are among the very best of the new generation of Brazilian DJ’s and producers. The twin brothers have consistently received public acclaim as one of the most interesting and successful duos on the electronic music scene, joining such renowned duos as Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk.

Formerely DJ’s and producers with 2600Hz in São Paulo, Brazil, the O’Halley Brothers discovered electronic music at the early age of 12. Since then, they have been avid connoisseurs of electronic music, taking influences from big names like Moby, Vitalic, Depeche Mode, and New Order.

Known in the Brazilian scene for their broad musical knowledge and extensive repertoire, the O’Halley Brothers’ sets are a successful mixture of soaring melodies and reverberating bass, which creates a diffuse collaboration between House Music and its many variations: Dirty House, Electro House, Tech House, Progressive House and Tribal House. Their signature sound is also characterized by plentiful vocals and sexy rhythm, which they combine with great technique to complete their personal recipe for a fun, lively and surprising gig.