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Offer Nissim�s success story is outstanding. Tracks remixed in 2006-07 such as Madonna’s “Jump” and “Issac”, Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt” and “Candyman”alongside international success where Nissim worked his magic by remixing divas such as Beyonce, Donna Summer, Deborah Cox, Suzanne Palmer, Deborah Cooper, Sheila Broody/Amuka, Kristine W and more are only the cherry on top the career of the most successful Israeli DJ in the world today. In 2005, Nissim marked himself yet another achievement with the release of his “First Time” album. His remixes of “Wonder Of It All” by Kristine W, and “I Want More” by Amuka topped the US sales charts – another sweet moment in Nissim’s glorious career of the last 2 and a half decades. 2005 and 2006 also marked a change for Offer Nissim when it came to performing abroad. During that year, Nissim held a tour in some of the most prestigious clubs in the world – Roxy/NYC, Club Living/Mexico City, Gay Pride Party with Dj Peter Rauhofer at Club Spirit/NYC, Club Queen and Mix/Paris. Black Party/NYC, Club Mezzanine/San Francisco, The Main Party/Carnival/Rio de Janeiro, The Week/Sao Paulo, Gay Pride/Montréal and of course World Pride/Israel. 2007 Offer releases his long anticipated double CD mixed compilation “Forever Tel-Aviv” in Israel and the US. This CD including 15 of his own production and remixes from artist like Beyonce, Donna Summer and Christina Aguilera marked yet another milestone. Offer’s success as a Producer, Remixer and a world known musical creator, is what brought Peter Rauhofer, a DJ/Remixer and Grammy award winner, who owns the successful Dancelabel Star69 Records in New York City, to sign Offer in 2004. That same year, other than being the leading gay DJ in Israel, Nissim became an icon among music lovers all over the Israel when he was named DJ and Man of the year 4 years in a row by the music and nightlife magazine "DJ Ha’ir” and “Layla”. The electrifying and winning presence on the turntables and unique musical editing have come to immediately bring Nissim’s name to mind among Israeli clubbers in general, and gay clubbers in particular. Nissim’s performance, which combines sweeping moves with an energetic atmosphere, creates a very unique link between himself and his audience. Even today, with his immense success, Nissim remembers how it all started by accident when in 1979 he played his first ever live club set. Since then, Nissim has established himself as a cultural hero, enjoying the success of Three double albums, and responsible for the musical production and success of Dana International – The Israeli Diva who won first place in the 1998 Eurovision song contest. These days he is Resident of the “Forever Tel- Aviv”partys in Tlv/Tel Aviv, The Week/Sao Paulo, Roxy/NYC and more cities to come.