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Ofer Di

Tel Aviv, Israel


Big & Dirty, Dutchie Music, Fatali Music
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Ofer Dikovsky is one of Israel’s longest standing electronic music Producers. Also known for his famous Trance act “Oforia”.

O.D has been active in the global trance music scene since its early days and He’s responsible for creating the first form of the Israeli electronic sound and by that he is consider to be one of the godfathers of Electronic music in Israel.

His unique and innovative sound earned him an exclusive trade mark and a big impact on the Trance scene over the years.

O.D started his reach career in the 90’s, exploring the sound of the re-rising electronic music in the early years of the decade.

His discography contains a rich repertoire and some of his releases considered to be a major reference points in the evolution of the trance music and made a big impact at the time.

During his career, O.D’s studio releases were accompanied by incessant world-wide live tours. His sounds were played and danced to almost everywhere in the global trance scene.

O.D performed in some of the biggest Electronic events worldwide and was involved in many successful side projects including remixing a lot of other artist’s music.

During 2009, O.D made a big turn towards House music. He was always fascinated by this rich genre and decided to establish his new project “Ofer Di” together with his female singer partner – Doreen and concentrate in producing fresh and varied modern House music.

Dikovsky always had some sort of “another dimension” in his music, deep magical touches that merged beautifully with the coldness and the monotony of electronic music elements.

In his new project, Ofer Dikovsky is aiming to deliver high quality layers of music and lyrics, plated with his unique touches and wrapped in a catchy & groovy form.

Stay tuned to experience his new sound and his upcoming releases!