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Salt Lake City, United States

Electro House, Open Format

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ODIX, born as Justin Morse, comes from a long line of music artists and started his music career at the young age of 4, when he started playing around on his parents turn tables and listening to their old vinyls from The Sugarhill Gang, Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, and many more. From there on out it was a love affair with vinyl that would blossom into a successful DJ career giving Justin his name as ODIX.

ODIX is known for being a humble DJ, willing to help anyone out to further the electronica scene. He is eternally grateful to his fans for their on going support in his musical career. ODIX now devotes his time to putting out mixes and is in the process of making his own tracks to share his love and passion worldwide, as well as training DJ’s all throughout Utah.