Odissi Beatport


In the male dominated electronic music industry very few ladies hold both the studio and performance skills required to break gender stereotypes and gain the respect of their peers. Odissi however, is one of the rare exceptions. While her shameless escapades in the world of erotica, double life as a “pin up model” and love for sky high stilettos may be enough to raise a few eyebrows, this saucy songstress comes armed with a punk rock “love me or get f*cked attitude” and an unhealthy obsession for the technical aspect of making music that makes her a force to be reckoned with in this cut throat game. Her quirky production style and signature trashy vocals have earned her a string of releases on some of the UK’s most prestigious breakbeat/dance labels. (Cyberfunk, Botchit & Scarper, Lot49, Kilowatt, Adrift, Audio Bug, Hardcore Beats, Mile High, & Mechanoise to name a few!)

The journey for miss Odissi started in the same manner almost every career in dance music does… behind the decks. Fake ID in hand from the tender age of 16 she held a busy gig schedule playing DnB and Breakbeat across her native country of America in clubs which she was not even legally old enough to be in! In 2004 with her first vinyl signing and the support of Cyberfunk Recordings, Odissi became one of the select few American breakbeat DJs to take their DJ career to an international level with gigs in Spain and across the UK where she now currently resides.

Soon after her move to the epicenter of the dance music world Odissi hung up the headphones for good to pursue the live aspect of performance. Laptop, midi controllers and a microphone in tow there has been no looking back for the feisty producer/vocalist/performer as she has toured her ‘one woman show’ with great success on a global scale in the UK, Russia, America, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Croatia and France.

While the dance scene became familiar with the sound of Odissi’s voice from her first solo release, It can be said she became “hot property” vocal wise after her widely controversial single “Groupie” which was the first time we really got to hear her sharp tongued lyric style in the spotlight. She has since teamed up with some very prominent names in scene, most notably Meat Katie and D.Ramierez for what IDJ magazine listed as one of the top 20 dance singles of 2007, “Stop The Revolution”. A single which even caught the ears of Radio One’s Pete Tong and Fergie and has seen remixes by Dubfire (Deep Dish), Bassbin Twins, Bobby Lorenz and Kristoph, Jamie McHugh and 30Hz. She can also be found as a featuring vocalist on vinyl singles from both Dylan Rhymes and Vandal, on the 2nd album from Hyper “Suicide Tuesday” (with whom she briefly performed with as part of the Hyper Live band for gigs in Malaysia and Serbia) ,on the Operation Overdrive album from nu-skool legend General Midi, and fronting her own electro-rock band called Sex & Circuitry along the former guitarist of The Prodigy and Pitchshifter, Jim Davies.

In 2007 the industry saw the release of Odissi’s first album, “Expedition to planet Zog” – a collaborative effort between herself and Cyberfunk label boss DJ Quest, which in a groundbreaking move in conjunction with IDJ Magazine was the first album in breakbeat (if not dance music) to be given away completely free. And with over 20,000 copies of the publication selling worldwide Quest & Odissi can proudly claim that their “Expedition to Planet Zog” album is in fact the most widely distributed underground breakbeat album to date!

But the ride of course doesn’t stop there! 2010 looks to be full of promise for this ever rising starlette. With her very own vocal sample library set for release through Sounds to Sample, a multitute of international gigs and a heap of new singles ready for release, we can be assured that her name is one we will be hearing for a very long time.