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Oded Peled

Helsinki, Finland


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At the tender age of 16 Oded passed the tight selectors of Allenby 58 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and was greeted by 1500 crazy clubbers getting mad on American house music. That night would change his future, forever.

With his move to Finland he shortly became one of the countries most interesting and hard working artists. Oded started “the bomb squad” club night in sOda underground and gained himself a reputation of the fresh kid on the block. Bookings started pouring in and Oded got booked to the opening party of the legendary Pussy after party, where he continued twisting peoples minds, on a once a month basis for about a year. Oded also got a one year residency in Finland’s top gay club Dtm and toured around the country and played in practically all of the countries top clubs and events.

His constant visits to Amsterdam and especially the Roxy and Chemistry club and DJ’s such as Dimitri, Michel de Hey and Marcello started shaping his musical taste into a more deep and techy style, something he hadn’t heard in other countries. Everything seemed to have a deep and sexy groove in it. Oded found this style close to his heart and started introducing it to the Finnish crowd. He found the unique balance of educating and entertaining his audience, gaining respect from punters and promoters all around.

In the summer of 99, together with his brother Asaf, Oded started Misc. Management in order to bring the Scandinavian scene to another level and to put Finland, with its brilliant artists and amazing crowd, on the clubbing map. The brothers signed Finland’s most influential DJ’s and started to book foreign artists and hold events of their own. In the last years the brothers have been majorly involved with bringing the worlds best to Finland.

2003 was a great year for Oded. Besides continuing to perform all over Finland, he got to travel and play in many new countries and keep on working in the office on bringing many top names to play in Finland. One of the highlights of the year still had to be his first EP deal. His work in the studio goes over 5 years back and his music has already been supported by artists such as Jody Wisternoff, Ashley Caselle and Francesco Farfa. It took its natural time to find a sound and good studio partner, which he did when he met Juho Kahilainen. Their first EP is due to come out in November of 2004 on Adrenogroov records. The label is distributed by Intergroove and supported by some of Oded’s favorite DJ’s and producers. Naturally, we expect to see much more of his productions out in the upcoming year.

Many dreams have come true since the early days for Oded. He has gotten to play with artists such as Kevin Saunderson, Roger Sanchez, Dimitri, Kings of Tomorrow, Mr. C, Misjah, Dave Clarke, Michel De Hey, Tom Stephan and many many more. Oded has also been a supporting DJ for many TWISTED America parties in Europe and Asia, and has also played in prestigious events such as: Ministry Of Sound, Renaissance Worldwide Stockholm, The End Sound System, Chemistry on tour and Gatecrasher. He has played in places such as Tel Aviv, Oslo, Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore, Tallinn (Estonia), Budapest, Belfast, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Bali, Denmark, Stockholm, Ukraine, Lithuania and beyond…