Octane & Dlr

Birmingham, United Kingdom


Chris “Octane” & J “Dirty Le Roi"

Combining a sophisticated groove with an arcane core and manipulating sounds to the highest quality, Octane & DLR truly shook the drum & bass community in 2011, culminating appearances at Fabric in London, Star Warz in Belgium, to Outlook Festival in Croatia and a remarkable Australia / New Zealand tour. With an innate ability to apply an effortless funk to a purely technical undercurrent, 2011 saw them produce some of the dancefloor’s most unique creations, such as the callously percussive ‘Mainframe’ and the casually sinister ‘Red Mist’. The pair have consistently advanced their distinctive sound, to the escalating lure of listeners, labels and promoters worldwide.

Their reputation for superb technical production led to the highly successful Drum & Bass Rollers sample pack for Loopmasters. Providing an array of bass textures and various drum hits and synths, this has enabled aspiring producers across the globe the chance to manipulate and adapt the much sought after Octane & DLR sound to their own specifications. In the coming months, they will also release 64 Patches for Native Instruments new FM8 project, offering an essential production tool to further inspire up and coming talent.

2012 is shaping up to be an astounding year for the duo and their demand has been met by endorsement from respected companies such as Magma DJ Bags, Serato, Tool Room Publishing and THTC. Forthcoming release material includes remix work for Horizons, including Amoss’ ceaseless roller ‘Footloose’, Gerra & Stone’s irrefutable ‘Dronehead’ for Alignment, alongside further releases on Ram Records and Symmetry. This is all preceded by their highly anticipated debut album, appearing on Dispatch Recordings in Early Summer. The project is set to be a true masterpiece of natural soundscapes, dark and twisting bass-forms and cinematic interludes, featuring collaborations with Break, Cern and EBK, With Outlook Festival confirmed and Album Tour information now being drafted up, Octane & DLR are set to take the scene by storm in 2012.