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Marco Enrico Cantalamessa aka DJ OCRAM started to build his career at the age of 7 when he got his first 2 records: a Technorecord “New Sciene – Out of Control Vol.2” and a Raprecord called “Turtles in Crime”. He was sold immediately to the technotunes and started to buy more records, cds and record tapes in this style.

His first mix was born out of an old, cheap record player and a cd player in the year 1993. He looked up to his hero’s at that time: Torsten Fenslau (RIP) and Sven Vath. He played many techno and schranz to their style.

At the age of 10 was very into rave music and even ‘Thunderdome’. He started experiments with lot of styles: Electro, Techno, House, …

In 1997 he got his first own mixer…and after a while he had his own turntables.

At the age of 14 (!!!) he had his first gig in Frankfurt. After that he got into house because he thought techno was to monotome, he had some gig as a House-dj…but after a half year he got back into techno.

Johannes Heil, Thomas P.Heckmann and Thomas Schumacher inspired him in his trip to techno again… In 2001 he met Amok, Sven Wittekind and ViperXXL, long before they were popular, and the first time the music was too crazy for him, but at the first USB-party 2002 he was infected with this schranz, all other styles from his past were to slow for him. While ViperXXL and Amok released their first record, He was working hard on his own music too. He got his first booking as a schranz DJ in 2003 for one of biggest parties to Poland, called “Techno Unity”. And a lot of Bookings in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Poland … followed.

He started his own label and booking agency Combat Skill, with many famous artists. His label had many releases and many are yet to come! DJ OCRAM’s first own EP “Welcome to your Doom EP” was released in October 2004! Next to the label he also organizes Combat Skill Parties and built a booking agency.

Since October 2004 he is ResidantDJ in the famous German technoclub “Planet House” in Kitzingen …

And in the Beginning of 2005 he started with DJ Amok together to manage “Gigamusic”…