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O Zone

Airbase, Cat Music, Central Station Records
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They mainly sang eurodance music, and were especially famous for their hit single “Dragostea din tei”, a notable summer hit from the album DiscO-Zone. Before the trio, however, it was only Dan and his friend and colleague, Petru. Dragostea din Tei reached Number 1 on the singles charts of many European countries in 2003 and 2004, and was Number 3 in the United Kingdom. Another single called “Despre tine” from the same album had similar success across Europe.

Compared to its multi-platinum status in Europe, O-Zone never entered the charts in the United States. With the advent of the Numa Numa Dance, “Dragostea din tei” had a burst of popularity in the United States, but was rarely played on the radio, and most Americans knew little of the original song.

In 2005, the group broke up, and no longer performed together. All of the members started their own solo careers.