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O.M.F (born as John Robert Malgioglio, 20 August 1991) is a DJ and record producer. O.M.F.’s love for music began at an early age. After hearing his father and local radio Disk Jockeys DJ, O.M.F established an ear for EDM. At only age 14, O.M.F acquired his first DJ setup, and from that point on his passion for music would only escalate. At age 15 John’s family and friends deemed him the “Computer Wiz” from his ability to take any computer apart, fix it and put it back together. One day John had come across software called Acid Pro that was once again recommended by his father. Tinkering with it and using resources from the internet it didn’t take long until O.M.F was born. Inspired by a Future Music studio interview with Steve Angello his focus quickly shifted to music production on a daily basis. Developing and using his own unique techniques for production, at age 20 O.M.F has signed his first record deal with the Xpel Muzik, A record label based out of Los Angeles California. Currently using Ableton Live for production and CDJ 2000’s to DJ, O.M.F has continued to rattle dance floors all over New York City and his hometown of Long Island. “This is only the beginning” O.M.F states, his plans for 2012 are massive. With remixes, and originals coming to a record store near you, O.M.F will soon have you saying, O.M.F on the dance floor!