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    Club PST Digbeth

    Line-up: HEADROOM, DEMO, NV, MISTIK and more
    Fri 24th September 9 PM
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Nacho Vega started playing records like many other people in his bedroom when his mom bought him a set of belt driven turntables at age 13. Shortly after endless night of practice on those horrible tables he managed to buy a set of Technics SL1200 from money he made selling break beat mix tapes. After that day the love for the art has never stopped. Nacho Vega then dubbed the name dj NV from a friend who put the initials together for a catchy name. Jump forward a few years to 1998 and Nacho Vega has been making the open table rounds for about 2 years now thanks back then to Firestone legend Juan Mejia the first man to ever put him on. At the same time Nacho Vega was pursuing his second love Computers & Networking working for a local Tech Support Company where he met one of the most influential and greatest friends, Jason Brown.

Jason Brown & Rob-E put Nacho Vega on the ball teaching him the good, the bad and the ugly that came with the art they all loved so much. With that in mind Nacho Vega set off to land his first ever paying gig at ICON with the honor of accompanying Remark and Dave Cannalte. After success there Nacho Vega set off to start his own local night that would showcase local talent like no other. After talking to his good friend and then owner of the UCF Wing Shack Bob Advent the night began on the first Sunday of August 1999. The night ran every week successfully until the Wing Shack was sold to new owners in 2001. The night showcased many up and coming dj’s like 8on, Mark V., Stevie B., 95 Live’s Heisu and Future Distribution producer Filthy Rich. At the same time as dj NV started Sunday Skool Breaks @ The UCF Wing Shack he was asked to come play at Energy in Melbourne, Fl. Where he not only won the crowd over but won a monthly headlining spot that helped pave the way for many powerhouse Orlando dj’s to showcase their talents. The monthly guest spot ended when the club dubbed a new name, format and was sold by the owners.

While all this was going on Nacho Vega has played for crowds all over Florida. One of the most memorable events being 1st Sunrise 2001 where NV showcased at 12am what he had for all in the main entrance hallway. Nacho Vega has also been spending time in the studio after catching those vapors with over 7 unreleased tracks varying from breaks, drum n’ bass and label remixes due for release by the end of 2002 on Break-N-Funk Records, Nacho Vega’s independent Breakbeat and DNB label. As well as solo nu-skool break beat projects for release and distribution. Also remix projects are on deck with new studio partner and NY house music veteran Juan Sanchez.