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Already Nutty T has gained a reputation in the UK being hailed the demon of hardstyle for his manic dark sets.

He has gone from strength to strength creating some of the most unique sounds in the industry at the moment, and getting air play on BBC Radio 1.

He has also had releases on various labels including Nutty Trance and M3ntal Records and has recently been signed to the mighty Blutonium label.

DJ Mag reviewed by Simon Eve – Nutty T – Severe Trauma

A new label launches with a clear mission statement. The name says it all, really; Nutty Trance Records will be doing exactly as their name suggests by showcasing some seriously mental hard trance sounds, as proven here in their first release. It’s hard and fast all the way the thumping kick and booming bassline overlaid by razor sharp staccato riffs, scorching 303’s and scatty vocals that promise to put listeners into “severe trauma”. Scary stuff indeed, and the Carrera remix aims to shock even more, opting for an in yer face hard style arrangement for maximum impact.

DJ Mag reviewed by Simon Eve – Karlzee – Double Penetrator

The Nutty Trance label shocked us with some ‘Severe Trauma’ on their first release, and here they look to make trance fans weak at the knees with the curiously titled ’ Double Penetrator’. The title sounds filthy and so does the track, with this a real wham, bam, thank you ma’am operation. A big bellowing bass throbs away mercilessly in tandem with searing synths in this stomping hard trance romp, with the only respite provided by a twinkling piano solo in the breakdown. Label boss Nutty T also gets involved in this release, introducing a savage acidline that snarls away like a rabid dog, making this a fearsome slab of hardtrance.

Connected Hard Dance reviewed by Louk – Karlzee – “Double Penetrator”

When I first heard Jon The Baptist play this at Slammin’ Vinyl last year, this track struck a chord with me. Reminding me hugely of the productions Wavetraxx used to make for Planet Traxx, this uplifting acid monster features a really menacing build up similar to that of Lunatic Asylum’s Meltdown 2000, before a piano teases in a mammoth riff of all proportions. This is a monster which I am definitely playing! Check it out. 8/10

IDJ Mag reviewed by Danny Slade – Nutty T vs Vorny – Candyman

Some hard UK fodder for those more stomping floors out there with two mixes that both give your speakers a good old work out. The “Nutty Mix” is the more melodic of the two and the “Vornster Mix” is no holes barred full on thumping hard-style. My personal preference is the “Original”

IDJ Mag reviewed by Danny Slade – Nutty T – Severe Trauma ’07

Nutty Trance is the label name and releasing nutty trance is their speciality. "Servere Trauma ’07 features 3 proper wild ones that are hard, dark, and mostly furious. All are kicking so this release is a must for hard trance lovers out there.

IDJ Mag reviewed by Danny Slade – M3ntal – Bass Kicker/We Need The Bass

At the harder end of the musical spectrum is where this release sits with two different tracks that could alter your internal organs. position in your body, if played through the right sound-system. Both have “Bass” in the title and this is a clear indication of what you are going to get: bass laden, no nonsense ultra hard, dance music. D.S.

IDJ Mag reviewed by Danny Slade – Joe E – Eternity Has Past

This release has a real Germanic feel to it but was actually produced and then remixed by two UK based producers. The “Original” is a bold and brash hard-style track with the obligatory military snares and a pounding kick drum. The “Nutty T Remix” is deep Teutonic hard-trance with a solid one note bass line. My choice is the latter.

DJ Mag reviewed by Simon Eve – Joe E – Eternity Has Past

The aptly titled M3ntal Records posse may spend more time gurning than studying grammar, but Joe E obviously knows his studio skills judging by this heavy hard trance stomper, marching beats and rebellious “whats wrong is right” vocals set the tone nicely, while label head honcho Nutty T steps up the pace with a furious aural assault that will really sort out the men from the boys on the dance floor.