Nu Fjord Beatport


Javi fist started making music at the young age of 15. Always interested in electronic music, he began producing under the project name, Everest. In 2007, under the new project name; Nu Fjord, Javi produced the track “Into Tomorrow” which was signed to Avalanche records, a small sublabel of Bonzai music.

Nu Fjord immediately signed a second release, “It’s about u” was signed to Nemesis records, also a sublabel of Bonzai. This release got Nu Fjord attention on a few Online Radio shows and Podcasts.

In 2009 Nu Fjord signed a 4 track EP titled “Naila” to camouflage records, Bonzai’s famous Trance record label. This EP contained the tracks “Naila” and “Rise” (A remake of an Everest track from 2006). The later track again earned Nu Fjord some attention and remix requests.

In 2010 Nu Fjord signed his “Ana’s Tone” EP to Green Martian records. The track gained Nu Fjord a great deal of attention, 5 CD compilations, Remix requests, Radio time, podcasts and support all around the world. To this day “Ana’s Tone” is Nu Fjord’s most successful release.

He has also done remix work for Crimson, Air Run, Wayde Rafnel, Joey Funk and more.

Nu Fjord is currently working on his debut full length album.