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Nu Energy Collective

London, United Kingdom

Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Founded in 2000 by Kevin Energy, the Nu Energy Collective (NEC) is now a synonymous name with UK rave culture. The NEC was formed to represent a collective of like minded artists and labels all striving for a wider audience. Pulling the music together into a centrally managed place created a huge buzz for the music and bond with the artists which was to soon explode onto the scene. Labels like Marc Smith’s Notorious, AMS’s Switched On, Robbie Long’s TNC and many more were soon united in the mission to get their music as far as possible through the NEC’s worldwide network which at one point consisted of no less then 10 popular record labels.

Fast forward over 800 releases to 2010, the music industry has changed so much so that the NEC now operates on a concentrated scale featuring on a select collection of key artists and labels only. Hitting its landmark 80th release in mid 2010, Nu Energy Records continues to unleash its unique, distinctive and trademark sound as it commands a cult following whilst always being renowned for finding new avenues of re-invention. Artists like Lost Soul, Eryk Orpheus, Douglas and of-course Kevin Energy continue to blast open the templates.

Over 30 releases strong, Relentless Vinyl has emerged as one of the most consistently innovative hardcore labels around with current stars Joey Riot & A.B all enjoying their very first major vinyl releases on the label. However, the digital age has now taken hold as the NEC’s main format to the sister label to Relentless Vinyl – ‘Relentless Digita’l now flies the flag for the anything goes party styled rave tracks it’s always been renowned for.

Co-run with Sharkey, the Freeformation promotion banner has given the Nu Energy Collective a crazed presence at the heart of raveland. Four mental free parties in Vauxhall’s Hidden have been driven by full on rave tomfoolery and party hardcore in all its forms. In 07 Freeformation toured at Hardcore Heaven Weekender, HTID In The Sun and Vibealite! Since then the Wise Up, Get Stupid Freeformation takeover has not turned back as every single London party has been full to capacity!

All the while our in-house stores and have built steadily to earn themself a reputation as one of the most extensive stores of underground music stocking everything from the most upfront UK hardcore to the ferocious Italian hardstyle found alongside UK hard trance, classic acid techno, nu skool gabba and one of the most exclusive second hand collections on the web.

The NEC mission has always been the same: To represent the full spectrum of hardcore music and to offer a chance for the new breed to shine. It’s a mission we have consistently achieved and will continue to do as long as we can survive. There’s no doubt the modern file sharing culture has had a big effect to the NEC artists and labels but any loyal follower who joins our main NEC community knows we offer as much as possible to the people that legally support us. Join us now and enjoy our weekly podcasts, free mixes to download and full interactive site.

The future is bright….. The future is energy…..