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Budapest, Hungary

Tech House, Techno

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NTEAC aka Bela Kucsera. I was born in 1984. Never too early to start they say :) Relatively early involved to the world of discos (8-9 years old) because my cousin was a DJ. Sometimes he took me with him in the afternoon, when without asking him i was pressing random buttons and make him an extra job to correct it :) This years took a big influence on me, and i felt confident to play on school parties, and so the years went I was asked in 2003 to work in one of the largest disco in Northern Hungary (Akropolis Disco). In the begining just as a technician because it is my education, but it doesn`t meant that i didn`t continued my love for music. Later I had oppurtinities to play Warm-up sets, then I got to the point to became a resident to one of the Akropolis series, called Technopolis. I did played together with several famous DJ`s like Dejan Milisevic, Eric Sneo, DJ Misjah, Hot X, Newl, Budai, Collins & Behnam, Igor Do’urden, Jankec, Smith/M47, Julian, Andrewboy, Manic N. In 2005, together with my colleague and good friend Leslie V, we made the Hard Drive Prod. named formation, which specifically dealt with the world of electronic music. In this formation also played several DJ, then with the local Television we have been organized a party. Unfortunately, this formation broke up around 2009, and we went on our own way. There was no stopping, I got more events and festivals. 2005-2006-2007 Kasza days, and i was on the main stage on Tiszafüred Fish Days in 2009. While in 2009 i won the Grand DJ duel, where i become a judge in the following years. In 2010 i played music with Slide Factory (Coronita) on Miskolc Festival. I’ve got options to play in Budapest and other cities. In the second half of 2011 we re-launched the Hard Drive Prod. formation, but this time with new people, with new profile and with new plans. The re-making processes and the work produce is still under progress. The HD Productions orginize high-quality electronic parties with national and international DJs. This bears the name of One Sounds (Nu-Wave Electronic Only).

Just something about the future ……… Only Nu-Wave Music Elektonic;)