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Chicago, United States


Mental Madness Records
Nrg Beatport


Just two years ago, DJ NrG hit the Chicago Club Scene. Formerly DJ Darksider and DJ Trancer, DJ NrG has been rocking Klubheadz all over the Chicago land area. Specializing in Progressive and Unique Trance, DJ NrG is making a name for himself.

After a long year of playing, he got rewarded and signed with a record label “Dreamix Entertainment”, and released his first CD, “Energized Session One” in June 2002. He has been known for his appearances along side DJ gods Mixin’ Marc, DJ Caffeine, and DJ Markski. He also has been known for his technique of blending two tracks and making it seem as one, and playing the never heard music straight from Europe.

NrG has also recently started to get into the creation of progressive & hard trance music. So far his song is still in production while its rough draft is finished. He is planning to get signed with a label to release his tracks on vinyl for other DJ’ to use. So far nothing stands in between NrG and his future. If you would like to experience DJ NrG’ sound, book him for your next event. Contact him by using the Booking form and prepare to be energized.