Nothing Beatport


djNothing, locally known in Orlando, Florida as Michael Gaudette. He was introduced to the underground music scene by his mother believe it or not and his brother Mark Foster.

Mark was a great dj and really inspired djNothing in ways words can’t explain. Mark spiritually inspired djNothing with his music and beliefs. After a year or so djNothing couldn’t resist the urge to learn how mix records. His brother tried to discourage him from learning. He said it was a bad habit trying to keep up with the latest and greatest music. Regardless of his brother’s efforts, djNothing eventually learned how to mix records through trial and error for many years.

djNothing was not musically inclined at all. However, he eventually realized that mathematics plays a huge role in music. From there on out djNothing figured out on his own how to properly and effectively mix records to maximize the listeners’ experience including his own.

Throughout the years djNothing played at many parties and few clubs. Being a home body and somewhat anti-social, going out looking for gigs didn’t appeal to him. He had hoped his talents would speak for itself.

Most of the time he would throw the best parties at his house showcasing his talent along with others with much more experience such as his brother, dj sandy, Rob-E, Andy Hughes, ect. djNothing has learned to play with the best by playing with the best djs around. He has very high standards on what he plays and how he delivers each mix he plans.

Around 1999 djNothing went to Full Sail and graduated with an AS degree in Audio Engineering, (Recording Arts). It has helped him with the technical aspect of writing music. This has started a new chapter in his life.

2002 his brother committed Suicide and devastated everyone who knew him especially his brother. djNothing inherited all his brother’s records, studio gear, music projects finished and unfinished, and it has been extremely hard for him to fully get back to where he was prior to his brother’s departure. His inspiration was lost in the mix of emotion and grief. To this day he is still trying to recapture his inspiration.

Even after his brother’s death djNothing has managed to mix his best cds yet and has completed some tracks that he is very pleased with as well. It should only get better from here.

2003 djNothing has a baby girl. Time became the biggest issue for being musically productive due to raising his daughter McKenna. However his musical inspiration is coming back. Look out for Nothing in the future and expect Nothing but the best in late night dance music.

djNothing would like to thank Andy Hughes for being supportive in many ways. Andy has always and still provides djNothing with lots of musical inspiration and Knowledge. Not to mention he’s a great friend and like a brother……

Nothing is Everything, You can’t have one without the other……