Northerlight Beatport


DJ Northerlight was born in a small village called Gassel in The Netherlands back in June the 2nd 1977. At this moment he lives in Cuijk and mixes some records out there in his garage.

He started mixing in 1996 when he bought two turntables and a mixing console together with a friend of his. At first he was mixing Hardcore House music, but he visited a lot of parties back then and fell in love with House.

A couple of years later, around 1999 he started discovering other styles of House music, like new- and oldstyle. At the end of 1999 he played in front of an audience a couple of times.

After that DJ Northerlight lost track on what type of music he would like to play. He tried some scratching and some techno. After that he went a bit progressive and eventually he mixed a bit of everything until the end of 2002.

At the end of 2002, start of 2003, he moved to Hardstyle House which DJ Northerlight now follows this style of House music.

House has the future, dance on …