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North Sb

Taipei, Taiwan

Progressive House, Techno

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Language: English / Chinese

Full name (North Sash Ben) referred to as North SB’s name origin is the time from 1998 to 1999, by SASH! And SASHA’s music, will affect the creative inspiration of my journey began, it took the name of this “North SB”, born on August 18, 1975, living in Taipei, Taiwan.

CD Player Mix – CDj 120 Mix / Sony GA – D120 Port

Software mix: Reason / FL / FM7 / Sound the Forge 8

North SB from 7 years in an advertising creative graphic design, advertising began in 2003 during the day, night, making music and enjoy music recording / music arranger / Graphic Design / dynamic video design.

Favorite type of music style: Progressive / Electronic / Trance / Techno / House / Tech House / Club / Electro / HipHop / D & B / R & B / POP / Ambient / Dance / Industrial / Dub / Dark / Loops / Radio / Hard.

Familiar with the type of music style: Progressive / Electronic / Trance / Techno / House /

In a strange room, making his unexpected circumstances, create their own music live example.

All these factors, let me be mixing / recording arranger / producer interest in production.

So take a journey of this musical century!

Launched in 2000 to 2003, and mix their own works of recorded time, music files put The “” (This site has old and at the same time off),

In 2003, Taiwan participated in the creation of local music competitions, and DJ friends with the happy gathering activities.

In 2004 to 2005 “” creative artist / Taipei, Taiwan

In 2006 to 2008, in the media technology company engaged in the recording work / and arranger production.

Open event production in 2007, to conduct activities to promote the!!

In the March 31, 2007 to join the “” to become a member, until now!!

In October 2008 of a song “Akcent – Stay With Me 2008 (Sash fast Remix)” to my music page more prominent. "Http:// 810ac97d0d1a/Akcent—Stay-With-Me-2008- (Sash-fast-Remix)

In 2009 to create “” in more mixing arranger / recording production.

August 1, 2010 to create “” Here, want to promote their music to more parts of the world!!

“Creativity without Borders”

The front is a dead end. Hope around the corner!

Fortunately, the Shadow of opportunity, confidence is fate.

“No Trance No Life – No Life No Idea!! I Say” Creativity without boundaries “Do you think?”


Welcome you to there to Listen to.

Thanks for Listening.

Have a great day to you!!

North SB / 08/05/2010