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NORKA (she was born in Quevedo, at November 5th, 1985). She is the principal artist of electronic music in Ecuador.

She`s singer and songwriter.

In 2004 is part of the teen pop group “KABOOM”, a group formed by the winners of reallity show

Then in 2005 the producer Ivan Toledo (TEKMO) undertaking a project with Norka to make his first solo material entitled “won”, being a production with a new style in Ecuador.

His musical work includes genres like vocal trance, house, techno, electro-pop, minimal, D & B, breack beat among others.

The fusion of a soft and sweet voice with the electronic music, NORKA caught the attention of the media, soap operas and productions Ecuador channels.

She was presented as the “The First singer of electronic music in the country.”

Norka has won numerous awards like Best Electronic Artist, Best Song of the Year, awarded by the local radio (Red Dot, EXA, Top 40, WQ), teen magazines (The Wave, Generation 21) and other online media.

In 2009 Norka collaborates with two DJ-producers in Mexico. Jorge Nava (Armada music) creates the song in english “Below the Rain” and “My Destiny”, and with Ivan Mateluna (Empo) creates the song in English “True Heart”

2010 Norka visit Mexico to give interviews and start a promotion in DF Mexico City. During the year he has been doing collaborations with an electronic artist SoundLift, Soho Blue Recordings, a label specializing in Trance music in Turkey.

The recent December 10th, 2010, NORKA was chosen the BEST ARTIST OF ECUADOR for the international radio chain “40 PRINCIPALES” where she was applauded worldwide in the most important event in Spain to make 40 PRINCIPALES Europe

2011 NORKA released her third material titled “Love Days” with 14 new songs, electro pop and trance. Surely a more evolved and improved disk, mature lyrics and melodies.