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Bruce Karlsson and Nick Sember both had strong interests in music at very young ages. Bruce’s beginning with computers and programs led him to outline the producer he’s become today. He began working with computers at a very young age mastering everything there is to know, inside and out. About 2004, he got his first musical production program “Fruity Loops” and from that point on he realized what he was going to do in life. Bruce had always loved electronic dance music since he was a kid and now that he has his chance he decided he was going to start making his own EDM. After he outgrew all the things “Fruity Loops” had to offer, he knew it was time to step up. After obtaining “Reason” the heavy beats began to flow and Bruce knew that he had something.

Nick’s beginning was slightly different. His musical background began with rock, punk, and hardcore music due to his young obsession with playing the guitar. After learning the guitar, with help from his father, he taught himself to play the bass, drums, and keyboard. Nick was introduced to hip-hop in middle school and this caught his attention more than any of the music he had heard. As soon as he could afford it, he got his first set of vinyl turntables and his DJ career began. He began to mix hip-hop but the true creativity came when he was given his first trance record. He put mixes together and realized how much he loved the cleanliness of the transitions. He was hooked on EDM from that point on.

It was no surprise that when the two met in 2007 that they had clicked instantly. After a few outings together, the talk of collaborating began. It was shortly after this that the Norin & Rad project began. It took no time at all for the two to start producing tracks to pump the floors full of energy. After “Of the Sun” was played on Markus Schulz’s Global DJ Broadcast radio show, the duo knew that they were on to bigger and better things.

In June of 2009, the boys hooked up with Johnny from LMD. It did not take long for the public to realize the intensity Norin & Rad brought, not just from the studio but with their DJ sets as well! Opening for some of the biggest names in trance music today such as Andy Moor, Roger Shah, Aly & Fila, Eddie Halliwell, Marcus Schossow, Marco V, Blank & Jones. They also had a chance to do a set with trance vocalist Aruna.

With 2010 bringing a new year, Norin & Rad have brought a whole new style. Signed with Coldharbour, their first single, “Always A New Day”, is turning heads. It has even caught a spot on Markus Schulz’s new Las Vegas ’10 compilation! With new tracks on the rise and some real energetic sets, this duo definitely is an up and coming force in the trance world.