Norik Beatport


Norik has been representing the rhythms of Drum and Bass since 1999. Starting at the ripe age of 15, Norik (Erik Finsrud) decided to drop his 5 years of guitar playing to take up the wheels of steel.

Before he was able to have a crate of records to call his own, he would raid his father’s collection of jazz and funk, practicing hours on end with the sounds of Herbie Hancock and Weather Report.

Shortly after, the local dj’s took Norik under their wing, donating their old records, and showing him the ropes, and soon he was playing clubs and underground desert parties all over Arizona. In 2004 he started producing his own music, and has moved to Florida to study audio engineering and graphic design to begin his career in the entertainment industry.

2006 was the year he started to take his producing seriously and began receiving attention from some of the big wigs of the scene. He has received plays by Stunna, Subject 13, Dak, Style Control, Robot Death Squad, Peyo, DB, and London Elektricity on the award winning Hospital Podcast, as well as grazing the pages of drum and bass monthly, Knowledge Magazine.