Non Beatport


First publicly playing at a large party in 1988, DJ NoN (whose name had not been chosen yet) had been bitten. Having worked on the promotion and technical side of the club scene and not a “closet” DJ anymore, he quickly fell into DJ circles in the Midwest and made many friends.

Being an experienced sound and lighting technician he worked part-time in college at the renowned Blue Note. Soon he began working closely with technical crews for touring bands like The Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and They Might Be Giants to help developed their Midwest stage shows. During this time he gained an inside knowledge of the music industry along with making many industry contacts.

Living his love for music, DJ NoN gained a lot of experience playing at private and local after-hours parties. He got his first real break as a substitute DJ for one of the largest dance nights in the Midwest. From the great crowd response he gained his first club residency. It was at this point that he chose his dj name as “non” after the nihilist electronic artist Boyd Rice.

For the last 22 years DJ NoN has been involved in the music scene as a promoter / remix artist and DJ. He has played at clubs and events in the U.S. Canada, Mexico and several European countries. DJ NoN is mostly known for his harder edge “industrial” style of Djing but is probably one of the most versatile old school Djs around today having lived and played thru the 80’s and having been involved in the early “rave” (techno, trance & house music) scene in the Midwest. DJ NoN with his trademark cowboy hat, punk dress style, diversity, and ability to read the crowd is what makes him unique and still one of the nations top industrial dj’s. Currently he lives Portland OR. U.S.A. where he is founder and resident of Portland’s nationally known Industrial Dance Night – Dementia.