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Noleian Reusse

Bio Rhythm, Love What You Feel, Mathematics
Noleian Reusse Beatport


Noleian Reusse is ready to take his distinctive style out into the world after incubating it in the birthplace of house music for well over a decade. Having launched his new label Black Tekno with the “Second Language” EP, and following up with the “Airborne” 12", Noleian’s blend of jacking house and melodic techno has never been more cohesive. Nor has it been more pertinent, touching on all manner of classic dance music and mixing it up with a raw edge that tickles modern fancies, all while pushing into the future. Armed with the skills and knowledge of the old school as well as the energy and experimentation of the new, Noleian is well prepared to stay at the vanguard of electronic music for a long time by combining new and old sounds in his very personal fashion.

Up until now, Noleian has been one of Chicago’s best kept secrets. Born and raised in the windy city, he started collecting vinyl as a high school student. While picking up early releases on labels like Dance Mania and Plus 8, he was also getting a thorough education from a music scene that was in full swing in the early 90s. Live mix shows on the radio, loft parties, raves, all-ages club nights, and record shops that were staffed and frequented by the who’s who of Chicago dance music history provided Noleian with experiences that could not be replicated anywhere else. By age 17 Noleian was making mixtapes and DJing parties whenever possible. Not long after, he met Jamal Moss, who was then a student; together they DJed and hosted “The Galaxy Show” on WNUR. Eventually, their collaboration became “Africans with Mainframes”, and they started the Mathematics label together to release their music.

After a few years of relative silence, Noleian began pushing out once again. His Black Tekno Edits mix project was well received online, leading to the release of the vinyl only Black Tekno EP on the label Love What You Feel in 2010. At the same time, he curated and played at his monthly night at Rodan in Chicago that combined live electronic performances with VJs for a complete sensory takeover. These successes led to a digital release for Tevo Howard Recordings, who is now the distributor for Noleian’s Black Tekno label.

Now it is time for Noleian to take his show on the road. As an accomplished DJ for many years, he is quite capable of serving out dancefloor destruction with only a bag of records and some CDs of unreleased material in his arsenal. He is also quite handy with hardware, mixing in drum machines and synthesizers with the records for a hybrid live/DJ set that few in the world can match. A truly unique talent, the funk and energy of what he does must be experienced in person so that one can fully understand what Black Tekno is.