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Noisy, also called Miss Noisy or Noisy Lois is a female techno &electronica producer/dj born in Holland, but moved to London in 1988. As a kid she played classical piano, but when she got her first synth at the age of 14, she fell in love with electronic music. From the age of 15, she played keyboards for a couple of years in amateur indie bands, until she moved to London. When she arrived in London, she was immediately mesmerized by the acid, house and techno sound that blew over from Chicago and Detroit, which she heard in clubs like Shoom and Clink Street. Together with several friends, she also started to make house and techno, which progressed eventually to jungle/drum & bass, using mostly hardware at that time, under various aliases. Now she lives in Holland again and works for a music distributor. After a producing break of several years, she decided in 2008 to start again. She has worked on several projects with producers from around the world since. Noisy is also co-founder of the fabulous Champagnoise and Audio Autopsy parties. In 2011 Noisy decided to start a digital techno label called Audio Autopsy. Audio Autopsy is gaining more and more respect in the underground techno scene due to their non-conventional releases and is supported by many well-known techno dj’s.