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Being involved in promotions since 94", Nocturnal has always had his hands full. Musically inclined by age 9, Nocturnal began his electronic experiences with percussion, utilizing a drum kit with pads, and then learning bass guitar. His appreciation for Electronic Dance Music began with Rave and pre-Jungle Breakbeat Hardcore in the early 90’s. Nocturnal began collecting vinyl records in 96’ and in 98’ received the opportunity to play the rave “Euphoria” in Trannsylvania, Romania. Shortly following his return to the states, he formulated a production company with DJ Nebula called Galactic Productions, and hosted some of his own dance events i.e. “Break It Down”, “House’n Around”, “Park Party”, and a massive called “Revitalize” in conjunction with Maine’s very own DAWNPATROL, which featured House legends Dale Charles, Mista Yuk, MAxwell, Virgil Lyon, and Sir Charlz. In 2001, he hosted a weekly warehouse event called “Sessions” in Portland, ME which gained popularity in it’s short-lived days. Also in 2001, Nocturnal co-founded the production company “Digital Mercenaries”, which hosted the longest running weekly in Maine by the same name. In 2004, he revived the “Sessions” weekly and featured special guests from NY, NH, and MA. In 2005, Nocturnal co-hosted a popular, new weekly, called “Digital Underground” on Fridays at the Asylum in Portland, ME. In the summer of 2005 Nocturnal began a collaborative new weekly on Thursdays called “Thumpin Thursdays”, as well as an open format weekly on Sundays called “Bumpin Sundays”. 2006 was the year for dance events, as Nocturnal Vybz, in conjunction with LEV3L2, hosted 5 more dance events of their own: “Virtual Fetish”, “The Great Pumpkin Patch”, “From Dusk Til Disco”, “Versus” & “In Techno We Trust”. In the summer of 2007, Nocturnal hosted his first burlesque show, “The Art of Seduction”, featuring model/actress Shy Seduction™, which earned very positive reviews.