Top 50k on The DJ List

Nocturnal B

Chicago, United States

House, Techno


Roberto Salazar aka DJ Nocturnal b has always been a creature of nightlife as his DJ name suggests. It was in his youth staying up late at night Nocturnal b started listening to late night radio mix shows and realizing he enjoyed this ‘different’ sound he was hearing mixed by artists with funny names such as Bad Boy Bill, Bobby D, and Julian ‘Jumpin’ Perez. This sound was called house music and Nocturnal b wanted to learn more about it.

Obsessed with the sound of house, Nocturnal b would buy every underground mixtape or CD he could find of it, listening to them all over and over again. Soon he realized there were other friends in his high school that also shared his interest in this ‘house’ music and together they started to buy records, equipment, and begun to practice becoming DJs. A couple of those friends today are better known as DJ KJ® of NPDJs & DJ Flipside of B96 radio Chicago! Nocturnal b took this passion for house music and developed into a major force in the Chicago nightlife scene. Back in 1999 he first started off as a resident DJ at the Mission in Elgin for legendary promoter Dave Medusa. It was here masses first witnessed Nocturnal b’s high energy house sets. Nocturnal b then went on to start djing and residing in basically all of Chicago’s top clubs such as: Moda, Spybar, Vision, Soundbar, and many more. Nocturnal b could do it all, whether it was to start off a night in a small chill lounge venue or rock the hottest night at the biggest club with a ‘bangin’ peak hour set, it didn’t matter. Nocturnal b simply ‘makes people dance.’

Nocturnal b has now evolved into an all around DJ, playing anything from commercial, hip-hop, mash-ups…whatever he deems necessary to make the night a success however the passion and core of his sets still lay within house music. Since becoming a regular name in the Chicago scene he has taken on new challenges such as being the architect of Noiz-Pollution (NPDJs), which has assembled to not only challenge each other to reach new heights in their DJ careers, but to also to work together on production of music and the promotion of their events. This has branched off into forming brand new companies such as Toxic Nightlife & Diamond Girls, both names you will certainly be hearing a lot more of in the very near future. Along with these companies, Nocturnal b & Noiz-Pollution will be impacting Chicago nightlife for a long time to come!