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New York, United States

House, Progressive House

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DJ and producer NoahStradamus designs bold, rhythmic music that electrifies audiences and invites them to escape deep into his imagination. During his magnetic live performances, he creates an intimate & high-energy atmosphere. His careful approach to recording and instinct for putting together surprising layers of sound have turned him into an expert producer and remixer who is able to use his mixes to stir up emotion, establish a powerful mood and pull listeners out onto the dance floor.

NoahStradamus has always been moved by many different types of music and by the exciting sounds that can be created using percussion and electronic instruments. Growing up surrounded by professional musicians, he listened with excitement to his father’s independent radio show and also learned about freestyle, disco and Top 40 hits from his uncle, a professional DJ. NoahStradamus was driven to invent his own sounds and textures, and he began to experiment with sounds on synthesizers and make original remixes at first on his cassette boom box, then using computers. Inspired by some of the industries major players he was eventually pulled towards professionally spinning and producing tracks that help him share his love of original dance party tracks with the masses.

NoahStradamus has played a variety of popular EDM music festivals and has been on bills with renowned DJs and producers such as Bob Sinclair, Benny Benassi, Swedish House Mafia and many others. He is currently in the process of recording a collection of brand-new tracks and remixes, which will be released in late 2013. Free sets and podcasts from NoahStradamus are available NOW for streaming or download via iTunes and SoundCloud.

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