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Shanghai, China

Breaks, Electronica

Niuniu Beatport


Niuniu has no doubt come a long way from her humble beginnings in Vancouver. Over the past few years, she has steadily gained a reputation as one of Asia’s most sought after djs, and in turn, is causing the rest of the world to stand up and take notice.

Fascinated by all forms of music from a young age, Niuniu spent her early teen years in the backstage of concerts, along side her older brother who managed and developed some of Vancouver’s best known bands, notably Nickleback (EMI). But it wasnt until she left home for college that Niuniu became deeply immersed in the thiriving nightlife of Vancouver, and her love for electronic music was born. Deeply inspired by the nu-school house and breaks sounds of the new millennia , Niuniu took to the decks to cultivate the uniquely diverse sound she is known for today. While she started out playing at underground parties and pirate radio stations throughout Vancouver, Niuniu quickly gained the respect of clubbers and promoters nationally and was soon booked at many of the top clubs and festivals throughout Canada, including Tribecca, Tokyo Lounge, Sonar, Press, Shambhala, and Apex Project.

In the summer of 2005, Niuniu set off to China for what was to be a month long, 15 city Heineken dj tour…..and two years later, she is still there. Out of her home-bass of Shanghai, she has become a key figure in the development of China’s club scene into the global phenomenon it has grown to be. Constantly on tour throughout China’s major cities and clubs, Niuniu’s name has become synonymous with China’s club scene, both inside and outside of China. She has played regularly at every top club throughout China, including Bonbon, home of Godskitchen in Shanghai, S.O.S (Houngzhou), Class Club(Shenzhen) and Babyface (Shanghai) , recently voted one of the top 50 clubs in the world by Dj mag! She has toured throughout Germany, Russia, France, and Belgium, as well as having regular dates throughout South East Asia, and has supported some of the top djs in the world, including Smokin’ Jo, Elite Force, Atomic Hooligan and Precision Cuts to name a few.

Niuniu’s love for music is extremely diverse, and both her productions as well as her sets reflect this diversity. Her creative and technical abilty as a dj allow her to defy genres, effortlessly mixing electro, tech-house, tribal and everything in between. Her mixes have been featured on Ministry of Sound Radio, Electroshock 48k(Argintina) and, as well as a by-weekly guest mixes on Mikey Gallagher’s show, “Shanghai Sessions” on Sound Republic Radio, South Africa’s biggest electronic music outlet.

2007 prooves to be an even busier year for her. The launch of “Shanghai Sessions” along with Mikey Gallagher in July has already seen the release of her debut production “Ecstasy Button” as well as her remix of Mikey Gallagher’s “I Love Shanghai” which has seen support from the likes of Marco V and Stonebridge. With new releases and collaborations in the works, and tours of Australia and Brazil all set for the fall, Niuniu definitely one to keep an eye on.