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Born and raised in Guatemala 1983, for he turntable is a how a test of dream.

Nino has been putting is a hobbie, have a 3 monts mixing with Darkstone my best friend he turn a PsyTrance .

It all began at the age of 24 ages for Nino as he began to practice on his first pair of turntables, but a electronic music into in your maind before at 12 years old listen Progressive Trance and House

He immediately fell in love beats progressive house, Tech house music and was inspired by great DJ?s such as ArminVanBuuren, PaulVAnDyk, Markus Schulz, Santiago Nio, Deadmau5, DAniel Porter, de la mare, john aquaviva , Cesar Echeverria etc. The dedicated DJ practiced night until his mixing achieved complete smoothness and perfection.

Nino quickly formed an unbelievable a beat, which he uses to stun his crowd and add a twist to his mixes. Mixing Sounds Progressive’s TEchno’s Latin’s maked a style very good

Nino mystifies his audience with his perfect blend of turntableism and smooth creative mixing.

As well as dominating house music, DJ Nino is also a master of trance and has a capability of taking his music beyond the dance floor and deep into the minds of his audience and loyal fans. A six-hour set is not uncommon for Nino with each minute packed with intense and bangin house beats and deep hard mystical trance.

Nino’s set Feel the Beat

Nino can also be seen at raves and underground events worldwide. While not on the wheels of steel Nino can be found in the studio working hard to further his skills on the producing and remixing edge.

Actually Play in Guatemala in UrbanShot undergroud Corto Circuito