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303LOVERS, Antibemusic, AOU Entertainment
Nina Beatport


There are those that love music for the pure enjoyment of it, and then there are those that live by it and express themselves through it. That’s where one’s simple pleasure can be another’s passion. For Nina, music is not only a passion; it’s an essential part of her life. Nina, born in Afghanistan, the youngest of 11 brothers and sisters, was drawn to music from an early age. She grew up in a music-inspired family, which included two brothers that played the guitar, one brother that played drums, another brother a pianist, and the youngest brother a singer/songwriter.

Due to the war in Afghanistan, Nina and her family traveled extensively. Before completing her education in the U.S., she attended schools in Germany and Pakistan, where she was exposed to a variety of musical influences- initiating her open-minded approach to music. Nina’s childhood experiences, up bringing, and environment not only inspired her, it instilled the solid foundation for the dedication and talent she possesses today.

Her very first introduction into the world of electronic music was all it took- it was love at first sound. Nina’s love for music has grown over time; it has been explored with dedication, practiced with full determination, preached to the eager ear, and praised above all else. Although she has just recently decided to share her talent and spin for a larger audience, Nina is no stranger to the San Francisco Club Culture or to the music that represents it. Trying out new clubs, exploring different record stores, acquiring friendships and being in the company of DJ’s like Sasha, Nobel, and BB Hayes, who also happen to be early inspirations to Nina, gave her experience and the ability to create a style all her own.

Experience and good taste defines Nina’s diverse mixing style and enables her to please any audience- whether she’s spinning deep house and spicing it up with funky vocals and tribal beats, or she’s engaging you into a trance session filled with various epic, progressive, and melodic sounds. Much like her, Nina’s selection of music is always unique, very intense, and never predictable.