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Nils Noa

Oslo, Norway


Catwalk Records, Deep Records, Factomania Digital
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Nils Noa (22) – “I deeply and unconditionally love music. Almost any kind of music,” says Nils Noa with a serious tone. The love for music has always been the foundation for his ambitions, together with his desire to share it with the masses. So far this sounds like any young dj pushing for the top. One thing stands out though; there was no house-scene in Nils Noa`s hometown, Aalesund. Zero, nill, nada, etc. Okay, he started playing his melodious and twisted house in the local clubs at the age of 16, but loudmouthed euro dancers soon put a stop to that. He found it hard to adapt to the recipe; “Shut up and play this and that.” At that point any 16 year old would-be dj would give up, but not this guy.

Together with two fellow dreamers he completely, and I mean completely, redecorated an old sports bar for drunks, and turned it into the first houseclub in Aalesund. Um, the first and the only, as time would show. In the little clubs short lifespan it hosted all the house\techno lunatics in Norway, the ones worth mentioning anyway, and soon became a cult thing for Norway’s leading dj`s. The clubs name? Blå Vega, a name still uttered with respect. Following the Blå Vega era, things started to happen. Or the landslide began. In short time Nils Noa became the uncrowned prince of house music in Norway.

Then he was asked to join the Telle Konvoi tour by Mikal Telle. And as expected; he cried a thundering “Yes!”. The tour was the launch-tour for the massive Telle-compilation, and Nils Noa found himself amongst Røyksopp, Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren band, Erot and Bjørn Torske. – It was madness. “I was just a little kid, and was on the road with many of my idols, playing music. Unreal,” says Nils, and means it.

He then moved to Oslo to seek bigger challenges. He soon became resident at the best clubs playing alongside some of the finest djs on the planet. From small clubs like the infamous Skansen to the 30 000 outdoor festival Sommerparade, Nils continued to impress. But Nils is one of those who is never satisfied, he always seeks new challenges and works hard to reach his goals. He is the one who doesn’t like to talk much about himself, but to prove it by taking action. How could I describe him as a dj? He once said to me that his style is a crossover between Sasha and Yousef. Both being his sources for inspiration for years. Over the last year, Yousef have been very supportive to Nils, bringing him over to his Liverpool monthly, Circus and other clubs in the UK with great success. Back to Basics owner Dave Beer was so impressed by Nils that he soon booked him back for another gig at the legendary Leeds club. “I have much to thank Yousef for,” says Nils. “It’s a bit unreal since Yousef has been my idol for years and all,” he admits.

Earlier this year the BBC Radio One wanted him to do a mix for their legendary Essential Mix program. He was the first Norwegian dj to do so, and third one in the whole of Scandinavia. Only Jori Hullkonen and Adam Beyer have done it before him. Here Nils has again much to thank Yousef for. It was he who insisted BBC to book in young Nils for the show. Something they never regretted, after the impressive two hour mix.

In winter 2001 he released his first mix album, “Intersection”, and received praises from Norwegian press. Including a 5/6 from Norway’s largest newspaper. They have also started calling him Norway’s dj wonder boy. As we speak his second mix is out there, this time solely containing the best of Norwegian electronics.

Nils is also one third of the band Bermuda Triangle. You know, the band who rocked the clubs some time back with the underground smash-hit “Mooger Fooger”. The brilliant track also ended up in the long awaited MM II – compilation by John Digweed and many other other compilations. Nils Noa`s music has since then been spread by top jocks like Deep Dish, John Digweed, Ralph Lawson, Yousef and James Zabiela who used their new single “Tay do 22” on his recent mix compilation on hooj choons.

The Bermuda Triangle album will be released later this year, and the word on the street says – surprise – that it’s a jewel. When he’s not sweating it out in the Bermuda-studio, Nils Noa is busy promoting his Monkey Business-nights at Sikamikanico in Oslo. The thought behind this lovechild is to push young and talented dj`s on to a picky audience. So far Monkey Business has been a massive success, and has hosted some of the finest young djs and acts in European scene.