Nikoo  Beatport


He was born in Madrid on 10-10-1982. He used to live in London. He went there in 2004 and he stayed until 2007. He always loved all types of music. He became a dj 6 years ago, but he has been into the night culture since he was 15 years old. He has been mixing in few pubs and private parties.(urban London,rebel Valencia etc). He also mixes at a radio website. His favorite music is techno and minimal also he likes house music but is a music of his past , but he mixes all types of electronic music.In 2007 he moved from London to Valencia and he stared producing electronic music and also mixing in club and raves around Valencia. Now a days he has signed a contract for some of his songs with an important record label, they will be out on February 2008. also he mix with his partner casUal doing live set together as a lmodulation