Top 25k on The DJ List

Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E.

Genova, Italy

House, Tech House

AKA: Sonar

Audio Therapy, Hell Yeah, Hype Muzik
Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. Beatport


Niki and Christian (aka SONAR) were respectively born in 1975 and 1977 and lives in Genoa; a great sea “placeâ€? in Italy.

They moved their first step as DJ’s in 1993 and the great music feeling between the two made them want to create something of their Own; in 1999 “ESSENCE STUDIOâ€? was born, a place where Niki and Christian meet every evening. In front of pc and a keyboard, they try to create their own sound, not leaving out the musical tendencies.

In 2000 they present a project called “AFRìKâ€? to a DJ MIKI, who in the meantime has given life to a label very underground, the SUN GENERATION REC.

Miki falls immediately in love with the project, and he wants it for his label. Niki and Christian’s music project is born and they call it SONAR, exclusive for the SUN GENERATION REC.

“AFRìKâ€? shoots Niki and Christian into the U.K. market, and many doors open for them with different world labels (SAW REC, RENAISSANCE REC, STEREO REC, PRIMATE REC, FIRE MUSIC REC, STAR 69 REC, SWIFT REC, ABSOLUTELY REC, PRESSLAB REC, PURESUBSTANCE REC, MINIMAL REC, CP REC… and many more)

Some of their productions are supported by great international DJ’s, such as, SATOSHI TOMIIE, CARL COX, JOHN DIGWEED, SASHA,GABRIEL & DRESDEN, M.A.S. COLLECTIVE, DAVID MORALES, STEVE LAWLER, DANNY HOWEELS, MURK, TOM STEPHAN, MIKI, HECTOR ROMERO,DANNY TENAGLIA, DEEP DISH, G-PAL, MAX GRAHAM, RALF, RANDALL JONES, BEHROUZ, ALEX NERI who include them in their world compilation an charts; two important magazine, MIX MAG and IDJ, speak about Niki and Christian like a new Italian revelation for DJing and productions.

Satoshi Tomiie says: “Niki b & Christian e.f.f.e. (aka Sonar) are two Italian djs/producers with one goal on their minds – to create underground music that leaves punters on the dance floor screaming for more when the smoke clears. the duo has steadily built a career with their records filling the boxes of top dance luminaries such as John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Deep Dish and Murk.â€?

Until today they collaborate with important pop artist such us: Kissing The Pink, Simple Minds, Elisa.

Some Italian Clubs: Insomnia, Jaiss, Utopia after-tea @ Jasmine, Kouplasma after-hour @ Taverna Jory, Temutameta after-hour, Hacienda after-hour, Imperiale, Covo di Nord-Est, and many more…

Niki and Christian are free-lance, and now they working in some world clubs thanks to their dj-booking agency, always play together, proposing a global sound that varies from house to tribal-techouse and break-beat; their set is four-hands-show, where they put to use their experience.