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Nigil Caenaan

Toronto, Canada

Electro House, Techno

Nigil Caenaan iTunes


It was an early time in his techno career. Nigil Caenaan played many ambient parties with Mental Floss for the Hulabaloo in their chill out rooms. As a southern ontario resident, he ended up at more then his fair share of Buffalo NY parties, even as far south as Rochester. As his comfort with his music grew, he dropped the name and used his real name Vergel Evans.

Strongly aligned to the sounds of Detroit and Chicago techno music, Nigil Caenaan’s first release was MNC-001. The release contained two tracks: Hieroglyph and January’s End. These songs which did not fit with the local Toronto music style were mostly appreciated by the Detroit and NYC techno dj’s. After staying relatively un-known in the techno music scene, Vergel recently released a Nigil Caenaan album entitled “Forget Regret”.