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DJ for Betamorph Recordings and Co-Founder of the infamous BOAY and Submana Crew out of Hawaii . He holds residencies with Livewire , The Warehouse , The other syde of Soho , Asylum Afterhours , and Pure Coalition. He’s currently one of the driving forces behind the Dubstep movement in Hawaii. Being the common link for many artists and labels , there’s a good chance you’d at least know someone who herd of him. Gaining much respect from artists like SYMBL , Richie August , Jeekoos , Orbatak , Geoff Buchanan , Total Recall , CONSTRUCT to name a few and his popularity continues to grow. He might be on his rock in the middle of the Pacific but he continues to create tsunami sized waves with his heavy filthy and aggressive power mixing that you would excpect from a Betamorph Dj.

Feature in a local mainstream news paper Honolulu Weekly . Nightmarcher was the first Dubstep DJ to make mainstream media on Oahu and was dubbed Hawaii’s dedicated trend setter. He’s the only Dubstep DJ entered in the 2009 Mai Tai Spin-off battle and the only Dubstep and non-mainstream Dj to enter the 2010 7-11/Power 104.3 Dj battle of the year and yes he stuck with Dubstep. This guy’s not afraid to put himself out there to expose the Dubstep sound. He also has feature mix on the J’aime Le Dubstep series in April 2010 and you can catch him online playing live streams weekly.

While surfing around the net one day he found Dubstep , he grew up listening to reggae and was serious into Hip Hop and graffiti in the 90’s he was instantly hooked . At the time Dubstep in Honolulu was a rarity and so he decided to dedicated himself to exposing the Dubstep sound. Still getting booked for everything from Minimal Techno to PsyTrance he slowly started force feeding Dubstep to the ears in all areas of the EDM scene. In 2009 he joined forces with one of Hawaii’s Premier Turntablist and Radio Deejay Technique ( deejaytechnique )and formed TechMarcher Dubstep , constantly pushing each other , their improv freestyle sets comes blasting through with some serious banging with enough tricks to keep any crowd jumping. Soon after in 2010 he then went on to create the filthy collaboration call Submana , which combines the skills of Packo , Mindgame , Technique and Nightmarcher. They’re dangerous by themselves but a lethal combo together.

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