Nicolas Neik Beatport


He was born the 26th of June of 1990 in the city of Baha Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since he was young he developed a special taste for electronic music that made him listen to

artists like: Javier Del Sol, Carlos Alfonsn, Deep Dish, Hernan Cattaneo, Funk D’Void, Satoshi Tomie,

Yvel & Tristan, Nikola Gala, Scope, James Zabiela, 16 Bit Lolitas, Francois Dubois, Phonique,

Dousk, James Talk and others.

His Career as a DJ began in 2001 and shortly afterwards he obtained residences in pubs and discos.

In 2006 he started with a radio show called “In Sessions” that was broadcast on X4 Radio Baha Blanca,

90.7 FM, for eight hours a week.

In 2007 he started with the production of music, activity that he continues doing up to now.

Some of the artists who played with him are Gonzalo Solimano, Javier del Sol, Esteban Pelaiz, Luciano,

Kolo Simoni, Federico Durand “Faith+7”, Ariel Testa, Juan Cruz Iglesias, Hernan Castro,

Juan Ignacion Gonnet, Cristian Lacandia, Gaston Perl, Diego Montanini, and others.

Some of pubs and discos where he used to play are Shamuna, Barbat, El Sitio Music Bar,

Chocolate Disco, Oaxaca Disco, Tokyo Club.

Some of the events where he played were Patagonia, Epecuen Music 07, Bahia Dancearte,

Bahia DJ Sessions, Air Dance, Verse, X4’s Anniversary, Apon Cuyen 2008, El Sitio

Music Bar Inauguration, Tokyo DJ Contest, etc.

Actually he plays on pubs and discos in Baha Blanca summoning young people, creating a special


Now he is working in some proyects creating new sounds mixing Progressive House and Experimental