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Nicolas Matar

New York, United States


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Eric introduced Wilson to Nicolas Matar, who quickly became the DJ of choice at Wilson’s downtown club night, Heat. Nicolas has for several years been resident at Pacha, Ibiza – the only non-Spaniard to enjoy that distinction. The kind of music he plays and the stylish attitude he personifies pretty well summed up the element that bon viveurs like Wilson and Eric felt was missing from New York nightlife. As with the very first Journeys by DJ album, the reasons for deciding to do an album with Nicolas, out of all the DJs in the world we could have approached, were two-fold. First, he was someone we knew. Second, he was doing something that we were really into and couldn’t find anywhere else. Musically speaking, that’s got to be the guiding light. If there’s any moral to this story, I guess it’s: do what you enjoy and believe in, and try to make it something no one else is doing – otherwise you’re just wasting time.

“Latitude 40°” is a band that binds the Earth, connecting New York, where Nicolas grew up, and the Balearic Islands, where you’ll find Ibiza. It’s funny that so many journos assumed we were “doing an Ibiza album”. To me, an Ibiza album is a CD with “Ibiza” in big letters on the front. Whether the tracks on the album have got anything to do with Ibiza particularly doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. It’s a tired marketing trick that insults the intelligence of the average music lover, especially when you see how many tracks are already available on other albums.

With Journeys by DJ, we don’t treat people like suckers, but offer instead something that encourages them to question the notion that “You’ve seen it advertised on TV, so it must be good.” On this CD, we used the word “Latitude” to suggest thinking laterally and looking beyond the obvious. The album is about the music of Nicolas Matar – like many people, he draws a lot of inspiration from Ibiza, which is why the place gets a little mention on the back of the package – but that’s as far as it goes. Ultimately, there’s one person who decides if the music is any good, and where it’s going to take you. So go ahead, take a listen – the choice is yours.