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Nicolas Lutz


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It is well known that Berlin abounds with ultra talented DJs who are not necessarily recognized abroad. If it was possible we would feature them all with pleasure on Trace A Line, but the fact is that they are really reaaaally numerous, and that’s why we have to make a choice. For this brand new podcast, our choice fell on Nicolas Lutz: resident at the very respected Club der Visionaere, this Uruguayan-born DJ lives a rather atypical life. After spending the first 30 years of his life traveling between Montevideo, London and Sao Paulo, he finally decided to settle in Berlin where he found all the freedom and inspiration he was looking for. Surrounded by people such as Binh and Margaret Dygas, he took the time to develop his style somewhere between deep house and minimal techno, typically the genre you would hear in some Berlin afterparty. But hey, let’s just skip the biography and ask some questions directly to Nicolas instead.

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