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Nicolas Cuer

Nîmes, France


Audio Elite, Code2 Records, Eye Records
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skype : nicolascuer

twitter : nicolas cuer

bio :

Nicolas CUER, born in Arles, the 7th of May 1986 (France)

It’s at 9 years old, that he discover the large universe of music, praticing guitar. At 14, he bought his firsts platines, a true révélation.

Few years later, Nicolas Cuer put all his energy to improve himself, and strong of his passion for music, he created the label: Impulsif Records. An important choice who give him the idea of create and organize by a simple manifestation, the famous Electropulse festival now.

Next, everything gone faster, and he started a French tour which created a real public more and more important. From legendary south parties to the most prestigious clubs, his set created unanimity.

Nicolas Cuer maked his way and developped his technique for impose his style.

The dynamism and enthousiasm that he transfer during his prestation make of him a single artist, who stay in mind. Now, his name is became synonym of his personality and his profesionalism which give him attention from everyone

Also producer , he signed on labels and collaborated with the most influents artists like on track « Come in Space with me », playlisted by Carl Cox on Space ibiza compilation.

Never stopped, Nicolas Cuer finish his projects too. Such as his meeting with Mickaël Davis a.k.a Dolby D (Mirage, UMF, Independance, Impact Mechanik, Kazoo, etc..) which give an original collaboration on the name of : Vandalz Sequency. This musical alliance, influenced by techno sound, explore the electronic music world, from “new wave” to new trends, more industrial.

The satisfaction of dancefloor stay the first concern of Vandalz Sequency. A collaboration who leave a mark since there are famous artists who don’t hesitate to support this duo.

Nicolas Cuer present many talents and had new projects with Vandalz Sequency or « 4 platines battle » with Miss Airie (Wan Der Lust) which will arrive this year. Also, in 2010, Nicolas Cuer discovered a young singer and created a collectif with her, for making a contest of « Young talents of Nîmes ». They finished finalist which allowed to work on an album. This project will be called : The Impulsive Live.

At the end of 2010, he clinched a residency on the most underground radio listened : Electro Sound Radio. With this international impact, his podcasts are listened by thousand of people.

In March 2011, his official website ( will be open. We will see on it : videos, photos and news in real time, and his musical news too.

Any univers is strange for Nicolas Cuer now !

In Summary :

• Director of Impulsif Records

• Producer and Organizer of Electropulse festival

• More 300 dates on clubs and festivals

• Residency on the first undeground electronic music radio : Electro Sound Radio

• Signed on more of 40 international labels like : 1605, Space Ibiza Rec. And AFU Ltd.

• Many musical projects (Vandalz Sequency / Wan Der Lust / The Impulsive Live)