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Nicolas Bacher

Vienna, Austria


Among, Dynamo Recordings, Elmart
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Nicolas Bacher was born 1974 in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Already as a young boy he was interested in technical stuff, electronics and music. As a combination of these he started to dj for private parties and generate electronic sounds already with his Commodore 64. In 2000 he was voted “Best Newcomer DJ” at Austrian’s popular Techno Award, but actually he already spins the decks in many underground clubs of this country since 1990. Besides commercial production assignments for Motorola or several Radio Stations, he did productions for most of Austria’s national top-acts, which joined him for cooperation which have resulted in various releases with different styles. Live Gigs and productions with Austrian’s Nr. 1 performance group ‘Living F/X’ caused great after which they also produced their first Album “The Face of Sound” together.

To start promoting his music and the work of Austrian artists he also founded Austria’s leading DJ Portal – DJ Net Austria ‘in 1996 which turned to be a part of in November 2001.

His own club night series in 2002 called “We love techno” at Vienna’s Club Massiv caused uproar in Austria as it was a melting point for many party people from Frankfurt to Vienna.

Different styles of electronic music he encountered over the years developed a flair for all kind of situations the crowd could get into. This reputation makes him a willingly viewed act in clubs and on various events all over Europe, spinning his records from UK to Romania. Major appearances include Poland for Viva, Summer of Love Festival in Czech Republic, Hungary (Mayday 2002 and 2003), Rabac Festival Kroatia and Eurovision Serbia and of course several well-known Austrian events like Biosphere, Gazometer, Hypnotic and of course appearances in Vienna’s leading technoclub FLEX.

Over the last years Nicolas Bacher has been working intensely together with his studio partner DJ Felipe and several records on major technolabels were due for release. Their own label TITANIUM RECORDS started successfully in early 2003 and is internationally supported by top artists like Marco Bailey, Stanny Franssen, Johan Bacto, Hardcell, Asem Shama, Redhead, Patrik Skoog and many more!!! Releases on labels like Rotation, Bush, Primevil and mb electronics had great impact on the dancefloor, as well as great response in international magazines. Now the guys are entering a new, exciting terrain with their brandnew and second label ‘SUPREME ENTERTAINMENT’, which is dedicated to warmer and groovier techno and house rhythms. The concept behind is uniting the most unique flavours of House, Trance, Techno and influences of Drum´n´Bass to a perfect symbiosis for the worldwide dancefloors. Featuring artists like Sweden´s Samuel L. Session, Italy´s Danilo Vigorito and ex-Amnesia-Ibiza-Resident Paco Osuna from Spain as well as promising newcomers like Collins & Behnam and Chymera.

Besides the regular dj-dates Nicolas has also been touring Europe in 2005 aka TITANIUM live.

In 2006 Nicolas started his net-label nb records which is distributed through the most important download portals like, and itunes.