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Born and raised in Rosario Argentina, Nico Purman has been roasting the proverbial marshmallows since he first started collecting records at 12 years old. Those days of innocence were filled with not-yet-freaky Michael Jackson, soon after tainted with the New Beat sound coming out of Belgium (with bands like Jade 4 U and Erotic Dissidents), before being completely corrupted by the fabled late 1980’s Chicago Acid House movement. Once debased, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and The Cure quickly followed all leaving their influence on Nico.

At 17, Nico started to study percussion and played drums in local indie bands, recording in some of Buenos Aires’ biggest studios. The experience left him with the taste of live performance and a deep understanding of rhythm, syncopation, and independence that only drumming can provide. With this classical insight into time and beat, Nico transitioned to vinyl and became one of Argentina’s most respected DJ’s. Armed with an expansive collection of music, he winds his audience through long hypnotizing sets of tough mood and movement, interlaced with selected loops and samples accentuating his motivational transfer.

Nico’s original music production quickly followed, first releasing the “Artificial Plastico EP” on Karmarouge (KR09) in 2004 as Artificial collaborating with friend Gustavo Sacchetti. Later Nico dischargEd Solo and remix work for Spanish net label Sinergy Networks. Nico’s first vinyl EP came out in 2005 on France’s Modelisme Records (Model011), returning for a second Modelisme EP (Model013) in 2006. Also in 2005 Nico contributed “Resurgir” to Onitor’s Stadtmusik Buenos Aires (ONITOR47). Gaining momentum, Nico then released “Lunatique EP” on Crosstown Rebels (CRM036) to critical appeal, from which the title track was licensed to the Get Lost 2 compilation mixed by Jamie Jones. In 2007 Nico’s “Romantique EP” came out on Japan’s Mule Electronic (MULE039). Then in 2008 Nico appeared on a mixed EP Curle Recordings (CURLE010) out of Belgium with the track “Miercoles”. This took Nico over the top as it was praised by people like Laurent Garnier, Troy Pierce, Bart Skills, Martin Landsky, and Loco Dice.

Since releasing the “Tuesday EP” in 2008 (VA017), perhaps the most direct approach to dark loud strobo room stimulation the label has ever seen, Nico will focus primarily on Berlin based Vakant. Forward, 2008 will prove an expansive year for Nico entering a new phase with Vakant, relocation to Europe, and his influence steering the sound of modern techno becoming ever more persuasive.