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Nicky Twist is considered by many as the next big breakout star of our scene. He has been described as being a trend setter and a pioneer of Electro House in both New Jersey and New York. In the late 1990’s he began his journey playing up and down the East Coast, including a tour in 2002 across Canada. Nicky has also played at the infamous Limelight, The Tunnel, Exit and many other major clubs in N.Y.C. throughout his career. At this point, Twist has the credentials of being a producer and is putting out tracks with various major labels, both domestically and internationally. He has had a release with Wonked Music and and is signed to both Peakhour Music and Plasmapool Records from Germany. Nicky Twist also releases tracks on his own record label, Bass Monster Music. He is currently doing remix work for artists such as Hypster, Dark Punk, Adrien Aubern and Francois Dennig, among others. On the other end of the spectrum, Nicky Twist has also recorded with Rob GEE, Sid from Slipnot and different members of Biohazard. He receives unanimous praise every time he steps up behind the decks, and being an avid Turntablest, Nicky Twist has often been described in one line…Your favorite DJ’s, favorite DJ!!!!