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Taking the Lebanese Capital by storm and turning heads at clubs along the mediterranean, DJ and producer Nick Tohme had earned himself a permanent spot on the books at many of the country’s trendiest nightclubs. A welcomed addition to the music scene, Nick has unleashed the energy of his music for more than a decade .

Right from listening to dj shows in local radio stations in early 90’s, Nick was extremely curious to know what it would be like to be part of this club culture , At the very least , he just wanted to be part of this unique atmosphere that had him longing for more and more.

Seemingly a natural since his early teens, Nick began spinning for a local radio station and for friends at some private parties, and was soon filling in for a DJ at some local clubs. His signature pumping housey style mixed with energetic vocals has since become an unmistakable sound that has been heard in venues across Lebanon .

Blowing up the stage @ la voile bleue & Ishtar Bar in summer of 2002 , has gained Nick a large and loyal fan base that recognized good music, and acknowledged his mixing skills as being outstanding .

Swaping clubs from one to another , like Mandaloun & Baby M , Beach Clubs like La Guava & Edde Sands & Oceana , and filling as a Guest DJ in clubs such as FUBAR, B018, O.M, Element, District …were the proof of Nick’s successfull career ..

“What kept me going were the fans and the passion ,” Nick says. “Once people actually started to enjoy and appreciate the work that was put into these mixes, it made it even more worthwhile. It’s good to see that there are others , who seem to have the same tastes in music as I do.”

In Februray 2005 , Nick moved to Gypo Landz “Egypt” searching for a new experience . DJing by the Red sea is just an amazing journey Nick says . The "multicolored"clubbers coming from all over the world just to enjoy this country were an astonishing experience , travelling across Egypt from Sharm el Sheikh to Hurgada passing by Cairo , and then dropping by the mediterranean coast is just marvelous , different people and different nationalities gather under one tent , leaving all their differences behind and just dancing and enjoying Nick’s stomping beats .

As life is full of new experiences, Nick decided to take his career to the next level ! and Dubai is the next new destination . Starting 2007, Nick will be moving to Dubai for a new taste and for a new experience…From DJing at some of the coolest and trendiest night spots all around the city, to releasing his massive tunes from remixes and original productions ! To all of U planning to visit Dubai and to all the Dubai-ian residents ! Keep an eye on Nick Tohme …

But the essential love & passion for Nick is creating his own Tunes , after studying all the Techniques of how to properly produce a song , Nick started to create his own tunes is his own home studio , tracks like IT’s Time, So Into It, Void, The Love That I Have and I Miss U , were played across the nation , International DJs & fellow local DJs gave Nick the Biggest credit concernin these tracks, DJs like DJ Flex, Nick Warren, Judge Jules, Syke & Sugarstarr, Granite & Phunk, Ben Macklin, Stonebridge, Big Al, Moussa Clarke, Lil’ Devious & Luca Ricci …