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My parents took my birth favourably. As a child i liked trance music.The rhythm was so good that there was no desire to listen to something else.And the interest grew stonger! Every single day I was wandering how they do it?How does it happen?How do they mannage to cope with so many buttons simultaneously? It seemed to me that those guys had 4 hands… And than i thought I should try it….try to live with music,to see it and to think about it…. A little later some CD with House music fell in my hands. In 2003 i got the progressive house record. This music appeared to be something new for me. It was a mixture of tender house rhythms and space of trance.Those rhythms just drove me crazy!Every sound was taking me somewhere far away from Earth. And i have started spinning progressive music. Ihad been spinning it for almost 3 years sometimes mixing it with DEEP HOUSE . But the time runs fast,everything’s changing and the sound of tracks as well. Now you can notice a new tendency of mixing progressive music with minimal sounds.And it impresses me. Now in my record bag there is 50% of techno music and 50% of progressive and i can say that now im interested in modern TECHNO and Tech house. Every morning i wake up knowing that today soundas will take me to that wonderfull world of music again.Where good and evil exist together.Where you can see yourself from the inside. As if every beat is a beating of your heart.Music accompanies me everywhere. At home,on the street,at the heardresser’s and subway…….